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Digital Perspectives   Andy’s Media Services specialise in assisting Australian businesses with planning, developing and implementing effective marketing strategies.

AMS are professionals in digital media design and production. AMS produces Websites for big and small business, non profit organisations as well as government departments. Digital DVD & CD recording, editing and mastering for radio & TV advertisement production.

For dynamic interactive business websites Andy’s Media Services can assist you to improve your communication with your clients.
  Australian Made
  Be it Print, Web, CDROM, or Digital Video,
  AMS has a cost effective solution
  for your media requirements.

Andy’s Media Services provide the web design services form the basic website to content management systems and cater for indiviual business requirements including database controlled sites.

Andy’s Media Services can also help solve your computer hardware and software problems including:-
    Backup systems
    Computer repairs
    Computer upgrades
    Data recovery
    Off-site data storage
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